Computer Repair

pc-computerWe diagnose and fix all brands of computer, including both hardware and software related faults and problems. We have more than twenty five years of hands-on computing experience building, repairing and upgrading a wide range of computer equipment including PCs, laptops, networks, routers, printers and more.
Don’t disconnect your PC and drag it to the big PC store only to wait ages to get it back again. We come to you, to save you time, effort and fuel. Often we can fix your computer on site, but even if we have to take it back to our workshop, we will return it and connect everything back up again for you. You can expect a 1-2 day turnaround maximum on repairs (depending on parts availability) – your PC won’t disappear for weeks at a time.

Hardware faults

Computer dead? We can bring it back to life, and at the same time give it a good service so that it will work even better than before.

System crashes

Windows won’t start? Blue Screen of Death? Maybe it sits in a loop trying to repair itself? We can sort out the problem and make sure your precious data, pictures or music are saved in the process.

Slow running

Over time all Windows computers slow down. XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 – they all need maintenance after a while to help them run as well as they did when new. We know all the techniques needed to have your PC running in tip-top form again.

Windows re-install

If your PC has really crashed badly, it may be time for a Windows re-install. We can re-install all major Windows versions from XP to Windows 10, and install your applications from the original disks. We can save all your personal data and restore it after the new Windows install, or we can securely erase it if you are selling or passing the computer on to someone else.