PC Tune Up / Healthcheck

PC Health CheckJust like having your car serviced, keeping your computer up to date and secure is important to get the best out of it. Your computer needs constant care and will become slower and start to have problems if not checked regularly. This means keeping it free of dust, malicious software and viruses, and ensuring the hard drive is maintained to reduce problems in the future.

Over time your computer gets bogged down with unnecessary data, and you may be surprised at how much faster your computer runs after being serviced. A check up and service at least every six months will ensure smooth running and prevent future problems.

Our 50 point PC Healthcheck service ensures that your computer is running as fast and efficiently as possible. We will:- Check for and remove viruses and spyware/adware - Remove temporary files that are no longer needed which are using space and slowing down your system - Check your hard disk is functioning properly and efficiently, ensuring it is free of defects and errors - Make sure that all your system software is fully up to date.

Updates from Microsoft and other major software vendors arrive at least once a month and often more frequently. You need these updates to be fully protected against the latest viruses and spyware. We check that everything is fully up to date to ensure maximum protection.

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