Wireless / Wired Networking

Wireless/Wired networkingIf you have a laptop computer you will certainly want the freedom to use the internet from anywhere in your home or business. A wireless network is the answer, giving an easy way to connect in the living room, bedroom, home office or even the garden without trailing wires everywhere. It is also a convenient and easy way to share your internet connection, your printer and transfer files between any other computers you may have, saving space and cost by avoiding the need for additional printers. Tekwise can setup and install a wireless network to suit your needs and ensure the connection is fast and secure. We are experienced in setting up and configuring both wired and wireless networks and correcting network problems. Your wireless network will be fully protected from external attack so that other people cannot access your private files and internet connection.

Internet / email / broadband setup & troubleshooting
If you are just getting connected to the internet we can install the equipment and get your email and other online service working properly. We can make sure that the system is secure and advise how to get the best from the web while protecting your identity and ensure that the whole family can use the internet safely. Whether it is cable, ADSL or mobile broadband, please contact us if you need any assistance on setting it up.

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